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“All on 4″ dental implant concept was invented in Europe. It defines an implant protocol to take a patient with no teeth or failing teeth and delivering non-removable teeth in one day. The minimum number of implants needed is four. However, the bone in the upper jaw is less dense and “softer” then the lower jaw. Therefore, Dr. Nugent will always try to put 5 or 6 implants into the upper jaw for maximum strength. Usually the posterior implants are tilted. This tilting 1) allows for longer implants and thus engage more bone and 2) helps to avoid anatomical structures (mandibular nerve in the lower jaw and the sinus in the upper jaw)

All on Four Dental Implants
A modified temporary bridge will be placed at the time of implant placement. This bridge will be made out of plastic and will not have back molars. Patients must adhere to a strict diet of “soft foods” during this initial phase. Dr. Nugent’s rule of thumb is “If you can cut it with a fork you can eat it.” It is vital to have patient compliance during the healing phase in order to avoid overloading the implants while they heal in the bone.

All on Four Dental Implants

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