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Deer Park Dental ImplantDental Implants: Permanent replacements that feel like original teeth


If you have a missing tooth or have lost teeth, you are not alone. There are over 100 million North Americans with similar problems. Of these 100 million Americans some lack only a single tooth, some multiple missing teeth and others are missing all of their teeth. Sadly, Texans are not immune to missing teeth.

Dentures are usually the first thing patients think about when they want a solution to their missing teeth. Old fashioned dentures are horrible. They do not stay in place and come out causing intense embarrassment. Thus, patient’s resort to using massive amounts of denture adhesives. When the teeth are lost the jawbone rapidly disappears. Plus, wearing an old fashioned denture that rubs the jaw bone accelerates the bone loss. The lack of denture fit causes the dentures to rub more causing painful ulcers. This further accelerates the bone loss which causes the dentures to become more unstable. Dr. Nugent calls this phenomenon the “denture death spiral.” Over time, patients either cannot or will not wear their dentures. Quality of life vanishes as these patients become “oral invalids.”

Stop the denture death spiral! Refuse to become an oral invalid.

For our Pasadena and Deer Park patients, dental implants are as close as possible as having their natural teeth back again. Avoid a removable dental prosthesis. You were not made to sleep next to your teeth in a glass of water on your nightstand. Dental implant teeth are permanently anchored into the jaw bone.


The key to a successful tooth replacement is in a processes called osseointegration. This simply means that the bone will grow up to and fuse with the dental implant. Integrating the dental implant into the jaw bone.

Bone Growing into Dental Implant

Dr. Nugent is a leading dental implant dentist in the region. He has the ability to perform simple one tooth dental implants, dental implant bridges, implant dentures and the All on Four Dental Implant procedure. Experience matters. Call our office today to see how dental implant dentistry can change your life.

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