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Pasadena Texas Dental Implants: The Benefits of Dental Implants

Implant Dentist Dr. Nugent Pasdena TexasThe quality of life is enhanced with replacement teeth that look, feel and function like natural teeth. Social embarrassment and low self-confidence from missing teeth can be eliminated with dental implants.

Dental implants restore the smile because the look, feel and function like natural teeth. This results in increased comfort and confidence when smiling, speaking, laughing and eating. Patients can replace dentures and partials implant-supported teeth. The transformation from taking your teeth out to having permanent teeth is incredible! The overall improvement in quality of life is even more amazing. Patients now have the ability to eat and enjoy all types of foods. Patients throw away their messy denture adhesives. Permanent dental implant teeth (teeth that don’t come out) improve speech, comfort and appearance. Talk about a boost of confidence.


Implants preserve the integrity and contours of the face.

Teeth and the supporting bone are important factors in the appearance of the face. This is because the bone and teeth support the cheeks. When teeth are lost the body no longer needs to maintain the bone that supported the missing teeth. Therefore, the bone starts to resorb (deteriorate) and the skin of the face collapses. This causes wrinkles around the mouth and cheeks. Dental implants are the only tooth replacement option that saves and preserves bone. By preventing the bone resorption that occurs with the loss of teeth, the facial contours remain unchanged. This is very significant when all of the teeth are missing because the lower one-third of the face collapses if implants are not placed to preserve the bone.

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With dental implants, the mouth is restored as closely as possible to its natural state.

Dental implants simply mimic a natural tooth by restoring the tooth from the root up. This allows Dr. Nugent to create a strong, stable foundation that permits biting and chewing forces that are comparable to natural teeth. Furthermore, nothing in the mouth looks, or feels artificial. It is logical that your smile is improved when replacement teeth look and function just like natural teeth.

Even if only one tooth is missing, the long-term cosmetics are better with an implant-supported replacement tooth than with an old fashioned tooth-supported bridge. This is vital in the front of your mouth, where preventing a visible bone/tissue defect is critical for a natural appearance.With a dental implant adjacent teeth are not sacrificed in order to replace a missing tooth. When a tooth is replaced with an old fashioned bridge, the natural teeth supporting the bridge have to be cut down to stumps. The bridge is then cemented onto the tooth stumps. The teeth are irreversibly damaged and the missing tooth structure can never be replaced. Furthermore, bridges fuse teeth together with a bulky block of porcelain. This makes cleaning the bridge difficult. Flossing is almost never done around a bridge because it is so difficult. Old fashioned bridges have poor long term successes with over half of bridges failing at the 10 to 15 year mark. Dental implants are superior to dental bridges.

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Partial Dentures:

Another tooth replacement option is partial dentures. These dentures are removable and must be taken out at night. They have metal clasps that hook onto adjacent teeth that put excessive torque on the remaining natural teeth. This increased pressure on the natural teeth can lead to more tooth loss. Furthermore, the partial denture accelerates gum tissue and bone level destruction.

Easier and more convenient oral hygiene with dental implants.

To clean a dental implant tooth you simply brush and floss it just like a natural tooth. In contrast, an old fashioned bridge requires using a floss threader to pull floss underneath the bridge. Removable dentures must be taken out at night and soaked in water. Most people will put in a denture cleaning tablet to try to break up the buildup on the plastic denture.

It is much easier to care for an implant-supported crown, which can be cleaned like a natural tooth. In comparison, a tooth- supported bridge requires the use of a floss threader for proper cleaning. It is also more convenient to clean implant supported replacement teeth than a denture, which often needs to soak in cleaning solution overnight.

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Dr. Michael Nugent is a leader in dental implant technology. He is a general dentist located at 3421 Burke Rd Ste A, Pasadena, Texas 77504. Dr. Nugent has become a regional leader in dental implant therapy and sees patients from Pasadena, Deer Park, La Porte, League City and Friendswood. He is able to complete both the surgical and restorative aspects of dental implants. Dr. Nugent is one of a few dentists that utilizes advanced conebeam 3-D xrays in his practice. To see how dental implants can change your life call our office today!

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