Dental Implant Cost?

Dental Implant Pasadena TexasPasadena Texas Dentist:

Quality Implants vs. Low Cost Implants


Dr. Nugent believes every patient deserves the best dental care. This includes the dental implants and components used to replace missing teeth. Unfortunately, patients are not aware in the difference between high quality dental implants and low cost foreign generic implants. Patients are often looking for only the lowest cost. Patients wrongly think that and implant is an implant is an implant.

In order to try to win the cost war some dentists will use inferior implants and components. This results in a lower cost to the patient. However, dental implants are medical devices that are placed in the body. Dr. Nugent refuses to compromise the quality of his dental care by using cheap knock off dental implants. Basically, you will receive that same dental implants that Dr. Nugent has used on his own family.

Inferior parts often fail causing numerous problems for the patient and the doctor. The generic implant companies go out of business leaving no replacement parts available. Then the implant has to be redone at a much greater expense.

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