Dental Implants Pasadena Texas

Implant Dentist Dr. Nugent Pasdena TexasDental Implants Pasadena Texas:


Dr. Nugent will have use local anesthesia to completely numb the area. Then he will place the dental implant into your jawbone.  You will feel no pain. Some patients elect to have dental sedation for their surgery. Once the implant is placed into the bone it is allowed to heal for several months. The gone will grow up to and fuse with the titanium dental implant.

Bone Growing into Dental Implant

After the healing, Dr. Nugent will uncover the dental implants and place healing collars. These collars “train” the tissue to allow for a nice contour of the tooth as it comes out of the gum tissue. One to two week later Dr. Nugent will take specialized impressions so the lab can make the crown.

The biggest hesitation of patients not wanting dental implants is that they are afraid it will hurt. There is virtually no pain associated with dental implants.

Do Dental Implants Hurt?


Are You a Candidate for Dental Implants?

If you are considering dental implants, Dr. Nugent will examine your mouth. There must be adequate bone to place the dental implant. Some conditions can lessen the success rate of dental implants. These conditions include: periodontal disease, diabetes, smoking, alcoholism, and cancer. Age is not a limiting factor. Senior citizens receive dental implants all the time.

Dental Implants Pasadena Texas


Whether you need to replace one tooth, several teeth, or all your teeth, rest assured, there is a dental implant solution for you.

If you have any questions or want to schedule an appointment, call us today. Dr. Nugent’s Dental Office is located at 3421 Burke Rd, Pasadena, Texas 77504. Dr. Nugent is one of the few dentists that can both surgically place and then restore your dental implant. Get all of your treatment done at one office with one doctor.

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