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Emily had a soccer game on Saturday. She played two seasons on the co-ed 4 and 5 year old league and loved it. This year she is not as excited because she had to move up to the coed 6 and 7 year old league. Still trying to figure out the mindset of a 6 year old. Emily is one of the better players on the team but is timid because she does not like playing in the older league. Oh well, she is having fun. I am enjoying just being a parent this year. The first year of Emily’s soccer I was the assistant coach.

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This is one cool Daddy!
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Say Cheese!!!










Emily in action.

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Beth was feeling under the weather so after lunch I needed something to do to get the girls out of the house. We have never been to Brazos Bend State Park, so we loaded up for an adventure. It is a pretty easy drive. Had Dora the Explorer playing for Katherine and Emily was playing on her Kindle. It took us awhile but we finally found a crocodile. I bet if we come back in the heat of summer we will see a lot more.

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Sunday afternoon we loaded up and went to go eat at Cracker Barrel on I-45 North. Then continued up to the Woodlands to go to the Woodlands Art Festival. The kids got tired so they both sat in the stroller.

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Mission Accomplished. Tired kids!!! We pulled up to the house. I rolled down the windows and let the wife get out. I stayed in the car with the kids as they finished their naps. NEVER WAKE A SLEEPING KID!!

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If you are looking for a Pasadena Texas Family Dentist I encourage you to look at my dental office. Everyone at my office is dedicated to providing outstanding quality care. We are NOT an insurance factory. While we do take and file your insurance, insurance factory dental practices have extremely high turn over rates. Those dental practices can’t keep patients long term. My dental practice has been at the same location for over 30 years. When you come in you will see the same people each time. We will get to know you and your specific dental needs.

We want to be your dental office. Something I think is super cool is that I have so many patients that I am the second dentist they have ever had. They have always come to this location. We have tons of patient that have grown up at our dental practice, got married and are now bringing their children.