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Missing a Tooth , replace it with a Dental Implant

Old fashioned dentistry and previous generations of patients were forced to live with the reality of missing teeth. Patients had to suffer with full or partial dentures. Dentures have horrible fit, cause painful ulcers, provide poor chewing ability, fall out and need massive amounts of denture adhesives.  However, modern dentistry has eliminated patients going without teeth. Teeth are designed to last a lifetime. If a tooth is lost a dental implant is the best replacement option

Today, dental implants can replace missing teeth. The concept of a tooth implant is not new. Implants were used in the 1980s. However,  advances in technology and science have improved the treatment outcome and the successes of dental implants.

Today’s dental implants are made of pure titanium and are placed into jawbone. The dental implant is covered with gum tissue and allowed to heal for several months. During this healing time, the jaw bone grows around the implant locking it into place. Then a permanent tooth replacement is attached.

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Dental implants can be used for single tooth replacements, implant bridges, or as secure attachments to anchor a dental implant denture.

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